The Christmas festivities are approaching, and Yggdrasil starts Christmas shopping frenzy mission.

This Christmas season, with a variety of cash prizes and a number of trendy gadgets, Yggdrasil is ready to fill the shopping bags even of the most demanding!

Qualified players who complete the mission during the campaign period can win a prize from the total prize pool of €70000!

The leaderboard is based on the least number of rounds to complete the mission.

On top of the €65 000 leaderboard prize pool, all qualified players will also take part in a raffle with another 7 special gadgets worth €5000.

General Information





Terms and Conditions


  1. The mission’s leaderboard runs between 12th Dec 2018 10:00CET and 16th Dec 2018 23:59 CET
  2. Christmas Shopping is a global campaign and it is open to all customers who are aged 18 years or over and have registered an account with ZigZag777.com.
    Objectives of the mission:
  3. All objectives have to be fulfilled accordingly in order for the mission to be completed.


  1. To participate in the campaign, players shall confirm that they wish to take part in the campaign by clicking “join now” in the pop-up window. Participating players will take part in the campaign by placing a qualifying bet in participating games during the campaign period. No additional payment is required to take a part in the campaign.
  2. All players who complete the mission for the first time will be provided with a unique player number.
  3. The unique player number will be highlighted for the players on the leaderboard in the game client to follow their position. Players who fall outside the leaderboard and raffle positions will be displayed as the last qualifying leaderboard or raffle position +1.
    For instance, for all players who rank outside the 700 leaderboard qualifying positions, the position displayed will be 701.
  4. The minimum bet required to participate is 0.50EUR or currency equivalent. If the currency equivalent bet size is unavailable in the game, the bet will be rounded up to the next higher available bet size in the game.
  5. Prize pool and minimum bet for this campaign are set up in EUR and might be subject to currency conversion fluctuations
  6. The number of spins made to complete the mission determines the player’s position on the leaderboard. The player who completes the mission in the least number of rounds will finish at position 1 and win the 1st prize.
  7. If there are two or more players who complete the mission with the same number of rounds, the player completing it first will have higher position on the leaderboard.
  8. Player’s position is refreshed every 60 seconds.
  9. Only bets made in play for real mode qualify for the campaign.
  10. Players’ position on the leaderboard can change throughout the tournament.
  11. Mission progress is automatically restarted when players can no longer improve the score. The best score will always be kept.
  12. Mission progress can be restarted manually by the player after 25 spins. Restart button can be found in the game client.

The raffle

  1. Players from positions 1-700 will have a chance to win one of 7 gadget raffle prizes after the mission leaderboard is over.
  2. Each qualified player will have 24 hours from the tournament finish, from Dec 17th 00:01CET to Dec 17th 23:59CET, to enter the RAFFLE section in the Mission window of the client in any of the participating games and pick one of the chests.
  3. After 48 hours all unclaimed prizes will be randomly distributed among qualifying players who did not pick any chest.
  4. The other cash prizes from the leaderboard will be credited to the players’ accounts after leaderboard and/or raffle are over. Cash prizes will be automatically credited to the players’ accounts as withdrawable funds. To display the prize accordingly in their balance, players will need to reopen any Yggdrasil game once the leaderboard or raffle is over.
  5. All gadget prize winners’ details will be provided by ZigZag777.com to Yggdrasil Gaming not later than 24 DEC 2018 23:59CET. Delivery to Europe will be offered.
  6. In the eventuality that the prize winner resides outsides Europe, ZigZag777.com will contact Yggdrasil not later than 24 DEC 2018 23:59CET. An alternative prize with the same value or cash equivalent may be offered. Alternative prizes are subject to availability.
  7. In case cash equivalent is preferred by the winner, ZigZag777.com will contact Yggdrasil not later than 24 DEC 2018 23:59CET.
  8. In case cash alternative if preferred, following administration fees will apply:
    • 2x Ninebot Uni-Segway (worth €1050 each) - 300 Admin fee each
    • 1x Mini Drone with camera (worth €950 each) - 300 Admin fee
    • 1x VR (worth €650 each) - 200 Admin fee
    • 1x Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphones (worth €500) - 200 Admin fee
    • 1x Nintendo Switch in Red/Blue (worth €425 each) - 150 Admin fee
    • 1x Hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers (worth €375 each) - 150 Admin fee
  9. Note that when cash prizes are automatically awarded to players, the relevant prize is added to the player’s balance in the respective account currency.
  10. Yggdrasil reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time.

Detailed Prize Pool

Leaderboard (€65 000)

1. €9500
2. €7500
3. €6000
4. €4000
5. €3000
6. €2000
7. €1500
8. €1000
9. €800
10. €600
11. €500
12. €400
13. €350
14. €300
15-16. €250
17-20. €200
21-25. €150
26-50. €100
51-100. €80
101-150. €60
151-200. €50
201-300. €40
301-400. €30
401-500. €25
501-700. €20

Raffle (€5 000)

  • 2x Ninebot Uni-Segway (worth €1050 each)
  • 1x Mini Drone with camera (worth €950 each)
    • includes remote control
    • up to 2km range
    • shoot 1080p video and 12 MP photos
    • automatically tracks and avoids obstacles
  • 1x VR Headset (worth €650 each)
    • Oculus Rift VR Headset
    • includes controllers
  • 1x Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphones (worth €500)
  • 1x Nintendo Switch in Red/Blue (worth €425 each)
  • 1x Hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers (worth €375 each)
    • Available in various colours
    • includes carriage bag and remote control

NB: The below images are for demonstrational purposes only and are not to be considered as the final product.